My work is mostly informed by nature, and creating organic forms is one of the ways that I stay in dialogue with the wilderness —  the richest source of beauty I have yet to experience. It is my hope that the art I make will evoke an experience of connection with nature rather than just being an object for the viewer to look at. I want to use beauty to pull people into something deeper, which at this moment in the Anthropocene, is important to me. My plans for the future are to explore these ideas even more. – May, 2017.







Natalie began her career in the arts as a professional Flamenco dancer, under the direction of internationally acclaimed performer Fiona Malena (2004-2007). After an injury forced her to shift her creative focus, Natalie taught herself to work with oil paints in abstraction (2009). She has since studied various methods including acrylic glazing with Abstract Artist Dianne Neuman and in 2015, she briefly studied drawing with artist Nicole Sleeth.  Natalie currently works and exhibits from her studio in Victoria BC, Canada, with collectors throughout the US and Mexico as well.