Art and the Lake

It’s very normal for me from time to time, to get an incredible urge to leave the city and immerse myself in the rich and beautiful fabric of nature. I grew up having spent a lot of time in the outdoors, fishing with my father and exploring the Canadian Rockies where I’m from. I also have a huge appetite for star gazing which feels almost like something I need in order to feel like myself, a way of reconnecting with the awe behind life, away from man-made thoughts.

I recently had one of these urges and so I packed up my car with canvasses and headed to a small island where a friend owns an off-grid cabin on a very pristine and quiet lake.

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As you can see this is a very special spot. With no motorized vehicles allowed on the water, the only sounds in the air are the whizzing of dragonflies, a variety of lovely birds singing in the trees and the splashing of a beaver who pops it’s head up from time to time, if only to let you know that he is the keeper of that place.

After daydreaming all week about this window of time that I had, I was swift to settle in and get started. Once unpacked, I carried the canvasses from my car to the cabin and then towards the lake, making my way to the dock that appears to be magically suspended on the glassy water.

That first day was simple…. it consisted mostly of applying base layers on the canvasses while enjoying the incredible beauty of the lake, the colors I work with and the serenity of it all.

*click the images to see how it unraveled. 



Once the darkness set in, I was back at the cabin and on a mission to stay warm and fill my belly. I learned that other creatures were on missions as well, such as the very large spiders who were trying to climb their way out of the sink, or back into the drain, I wasn’t sure.

I chopped up some wood and started the fire. Warm tea was a welcome friend. The cabin (owned by an artist) is full of its own charms as well, and I took some time to admire them. Dinner was silent, candlelit and caressed by the moonlight outside.  I  let myself absorb the beauty of the day, the sights, the sounds and how grateful I felt for it all. Soon after,  I fell into a deep sleep and slept like a log.

*click the images to see how it unraveled. 



I don’t know how long I slept but I awoke rested. Excited to see what the art looked like after setting onto the canvasses overnight, I ate a quick breakfast and headed down. Little did I know that I was about to greet one of the most beautiful mornings I’ve ever seen in my life. The condensation from the water was suspended over the lake like a blanket of earthly clouds. Time stood still as I sat in silence and I let myself be taken by the first heartbeats of the morning.





Watching moments in the wilderness brings me incredible awe. The tenderness, the life force and the beauty take my breath away and fill my senses with calm. I can only hope that with time and dedication, my artwork will impress on others a sense of what I experience while I’m watching nature unravel.


The rest of my time at the cabin was short, but I enjoyed it fully. I spent this last day painting more layers and the letting the pieces dry. The sunset was again stunning, the evening filled my belly with  a warm tea and dinner, and nighttime brought deep sleep under the sparkling sky. I packed everything up the next morning and headed home, grateful for the experience with my surroundings, the cabin and the art.

This body of work will be completed in the Spring of 2016, exhibition details coming soon.