New Studio, New Work

Studio Blessings

After years of working from basically wherever I could fit (usually in my apartment like this picture shows), I finally got a new studio. It was mostly luck- a friend made a suggestion that perhaps I look for a garage.

…(kinda small in here)


SO that same day I searched the local classifieds and lucky me! I found one in the rentals section and out of the corner of my eye I saw a sink- perfect for washing messy hands.  I called, met the fine people renting the space, and signed on within a day. I was about the happiest Artista ever. 




The garage was in horrible shape but with a bit of TLC, my friends and I have transformed it into a gorgeous space. Over the span of about 3 weeks, I cleaned up and removed old rotting shelves and cupboards, a friend got in and sanded and painted the walls crispy white, my honey and I purchased supplies and made two very large 8×4 tables, added cedar shelving and then finally I moved in my art and supplies.



Having a space to lay out my supplies, step back and digest what I’m doing, plan, work on various pieces at a time and just sit and relax to beautiful music in between- all have been a true blessing to me. Friends and collectors have come to visit and the studio keeps getting better and better. And while it sure has “cleaned up”, I continue to make new types of messes in there, of which eventually become artwork that will some day fill spaces for others to enjoy.




Feel free to come for a studio visit.